Unusual Things For Sale!

This is a new page that I’ll add to as and when I can.  Some will be things that people have asked me to put in the site for them, some are mine.

LEFT, a delightful plaster waitress, about 35” tall in lovely condition. Sensible offers invited circa £250

RIGHT. Circa 1885, a beautiful cast iron gas fire, rear-flued and made by a Mr T Fletcher of Warrington. I know that as his name is cast into the very detailed ironwork. Around 3 feet / 90cms tall..

Lovely inlaid tiles and an intricate tubed heat-exchanger that would make this very efficient. I’d say this could easily be made to work by a competent gas fitter.

Imagine it once it’s had some ‘fire-black’ applied. - Something I really should do...

There’s some interesting history regarding Mr  Thomas Fletchers business here:


BELOW. An interesting badge that pinched the roundel design. Not for long though as TFL stepped in and prevented their use.

Left and right, 1960s Metropolitan Line car luggage racks. Of aluminium these can be polished or painted. These will last a lifetime and more, note the umbrella hooks on the larger example.

Lovely practical things that can only increase in value as they serve you over the years. THe smaller one is around 16" X 12"

I was delighted to supply the new London Underground themed bar Cahoots in Carnaby Street London with many artefacts to help set the scene!

Left,  Met Line A60 cab speaker, 6 x 6”, complete and in excellent condition. Cast aluminium. £98.

Below. A60 Carriage emergency candle lamp, SOLD but left on for your interest .

Above. Where it all began! Stephenson’s Rocket that won the Rainhill Trials in 1829. This mounted brass model has been enjoyed before and could be on your mantle piece for £48 inc UK P&P. Around 14” wide.

Above, three enamel Dutch Road signs, lovely condition 44 x 10”, 44 x 8” & 36 x 8” £195 each.

Left and right.  Dated 1955 this fascinating book shows the required standards of signs for L.T.E. Serious offers invited.

Left and right. Circa 1995 Isle of Man Steam Railways postcards, 24, unused in mint condition £14 inc UK P&P

Below, from the same era 7 postcards of Manx Electric Railways. £7 inc UK P&P

LEFT. Estimated 1930s. A delightful cast SHEFFIELD TRANSPORT timetable case. £195.

BELOW 13 x 11” enamel St Johns Ambulance station sign £98.

BELOW. Again from th Isle of Man a very rare embroidered badge, unused in it’s original packaging, it even comes with a new unused  fridge magnet a shown in the r/hand image along with 50p piece for scale. Including worldwide P&P it’s £15

RIGHT. 1940s original train indicator set in a new LED backlit frame. Stunning in the right setting and provides a gentle nightlight too. Supplied ready to hang and plug in. Although Piccadilly Line Train has sold others are available

Above, “If you want to get ahead get a hat” so they say,,, now’s your chance! £30 each in UK  P&P

Evening All!

And now for something completely different! Obsolete police helmet and cap.

Left British Transport Police,

Right  Metropolitan Police cap. If your playmate likes uniforms where better to start!

Bring your own truncheon...

£130 & £35

Measuring around 10 x 8” and 2” deep the skills of the carver are breathtaking as there is so much visual depth to these. You can almost feel the atmosphere in those rooms. £65 each or £120 the pair including UK delivery.


Below:  WELL HELLO DOLLY! An original London Transport temporary bus stop known as a ‘Dolly Stop’  Fix a few coat hooks to the pole and you have a superb coat stand with a difference. Extremely sturdy and stable.

Below:  Matching pair of framed tiles from Lichfield in excellent condition . I’d like to say that I modelled for the one on the left... alas I didn’t although it could have been me before I ate all of the pies... Each one is 14 x 9” approx and £18 + P&P

Left, Salt crystal, a superb piece to display, drilled to accept a light. £100

Below a modern aluminum sign, around 30 x 18” in excellent condition.

Above, beautiful large rose crystal, to clear, £100

Below: Cast brass plate from London Underground, nicely cleaned up, 1930s perhaps.. 10 x 2”

Coffee table tops can be made from the 20 x 40” enamel Overground signs shown on the ‘Enamel Signs’ page.

BEACON WAY, an original pressed aluminium road sign around 36 x 10” £195

EATON SQUARE, the London Home of the Crawley’s of Downton Abbey. Belgravia, about as upmarket as one can get. All genuine original signs.

55 BROADWAY, home of London Transport

Horseferry Road, [Magisrates Court. Over the years, several celebrity cases have been heard along side the bizarre, such as the case involving human body parts being stolen for the use in artwork, the laboratory technician who set himself up as a doctor in private practice and the finding of part of a mouse in a chocolate bar. Celebrities from the world of television and the sporting world have appeared at Horseferry Road as both witnesses and defendants and it is regularly seen in national news reports in newspapers and on television.



LEFT: Allo Allo! A slightly larger French enamel sign

LEFT: I have no idea how I came by these... Thick solid brass arrows, 5 x 1” offers?

RIGHT: A Car kettle in it’s original box, appears unused, everything is there except the lead however this would make an superb item to display on a kitchen shelf or shop window.

£25 inc UK &P

BELOW. Aluminium sign. Ex Isle of Man, approx 20 x 20”. Double sided. Some scratches and evidence of use. £65 + P&P

RIGHT. To think that once upon a time we had to dial a telephone number!

£20 inc UK P&P

Below right, wallphone £38 inc P&P

Both 1960s

Brass eagles, 18” wingspan, £45 the pair inc UK P&P

Perhaps an utterly unique gift? Based around a substantial old copper and brass bucket. The feet are very life-like! Please buy it before I kick the bucket! £150

Below, anyone coming home on leave? 6 x 12”, of Foamex or similar in excellent order. £29 inc UK P&P

An interesting item to say the least!


Special event?         Signs can be hired.

Below, vintage aviator goggles, £22 inc P&P

Below, vintage Whitbread beer mats, £5 each inc UK P&P

Below, Bus status plates from L.T. workshops. Plastic, approx 6 x 3”  £18 each inc UK P&P  These would be  fitted into a carrier on the  outside of the bus near the front when under repair.

More to come...!



Plymouth Gin by Dartmouth Pottery, decades old and in fine condition, available, the green example is sold.



.Above. Sealed and unopened Corgi TEAM GB Routemaster bus  iin new condition, excellent gift. £9.75 inc UK P&P

This one sold