Customers images of their re-homed London Transport & London Underground signs

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I’m very grateful to customers that kindly took the time and trouble to send me images of their re-homed signs in situ at their homes or offices.

london underground signs for sale
london underground signs for sale
london underground signs for sale
vintag bus blinds for sale
piccadilly circus genuine london underground signs
london underground signs for sale
london underground train destination box for sale
illuminted london underground roundel sign for sale
london transport originalsigns for sale

Illuminated roundel.... wow!

A mix of Temporary Station signs and bus blinds from favourite places

An A- stock destination blind box supplied with new backlight

Piccadilly Circus flat plate 24” roundel superbly sited in S. Africa

Bond Street bronzed brass framed 24” roundel proudly displayed

Like where you live? Tell the world! 60” roundel sections

A really lovely cloth coach blind now on show in America!

Another Station Hall Enamel line diagram, what a centrepiece and conversation starter!

Station Hall Enamel line diagram, wonderful things in your home or office

Borough, 25” flat plate roundel in it’s original frame

shepherds bush london underground sign for sale

One of mine... just propped up against the wall they look fantastic!

london underground signs for sale

Enamel frieze panels

london bus blinds for sale

Leaving London? Take a little bit of it with you for forever memories.

london underground signs for sale
london underground signs for sale

And for men in or out of sheds, bronzed brass framed roundels, eye-catching, timeless, thought provoking, conversation-starting wonderful things!

london underground signs for sale

Chalk Farm,  quite a walk from Spain where this sign now lives

london underground signs for sale


I am so pleased with the roundel, thank you so much for professionally crating it! After some handy work I am finally putting it on display. This is most definitely going to be a conversational piece for all my guests!

I attached a photo of the finished product.…


Something to sell?

I’m always interested in similar signs to feed my passion. Please pop your contact details onto this form by clicking on these words.

I will treat your goods as my own. If too far for me to deliver I pack very substantially and send fully insured and signed for.

iilluminated london undeground roundel for sale
metropolitan line racks for sale

Above, That’s no ordinary bookshelf... It’s a 1960s Metropolitan Line carriage rack beautifully displayed with a framed short version Metropolitan Line car diagram.

Below, alight here for the O2!

long london bus blind on display
london underground signs for sale
london underground signs for sale

Chalk Farm once more in what looks like a busy happy home!

These were someone’s ‘work rest & play’ areas!

Chalk Farm once more in what looks like a busy happy home!

Above, an Illuminated Roundel, flip the switch and you’re ‘Underground’!

london underground signs for sale

As nice as it was to work in Bond Street the owner now works from home and has this fantastic reminder of those days. [Another available]

long london bus blind on display