The London Transport Gibson A14 Ticket Machine

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In use for over 40 years these reliable machines were designed by George Gibson, London Transport’s Ticket Machine Superintendent. Some of these machines have printed around 5 million tickets in their lifetime.

Those of you also ‘of a certain age’ will remember the wonderful noise they made when operated.

Right. Manufacturers Instruction Manual for the machine. This is an exact reproduction taken from an original that was secured in a binder so there are two small blank sections on each of the pages of which there are eight. £10 inc UK P&P

Left. Engineers Drawing of the machine, on card, a little larger than an A4 sheet, perfectly clear and bright unlike my dire image.  Sent rolled in a tube, £10 inc UK P&P

Right. 1956 Traffic Circular and training guide for the Gibson A14. Reproduction. £10 inc P&P

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Right. A Conductors Box. These well-made carry cases took quite a battering in use and they often show signs of repairs like the new leather strap fitted to this one.

Gibson A14 ticket machine in good working order. Prints nicely with decimal or pre-decimal fares .Complete with case, harness, spare roll,  waybill, period London Transport paper cash bag, engineers drawing of the machine, 1956 Traffic Circular and instruction manual.

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New Arrival. Pre-decimal machine from London Country Buses