Books and London Underground Archive Volumes 1930s - 40s

    From London Transport Executive Archives                              Traffic Circulars, bound volumes for:   1957, 1958 & 1959

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These London Transport Executive yearly bound volumes of Traffic Circulars will have the serious collector absolutely enthralled. Everything that staff had to know is here. Roadcraft, accident prevention, August holiday arrangements, staff passes, benevolent fund election, better driving, bicycles and scooters riding in garages, blind persons guide dogs, breakdowns and repairs on the road, fare charts, revisions, tables, early morning and stages, football matches, Red & Twin Rover tickets, road transport classes, route alterations, lost property, esay writing competition, scholars facilities, special fares, ticket sorters, vacancies, tour of London, Go as you please tickets, rafficators on buses, trollybus conversion, wearing of licence badges, closing windows, winter programme, weekly road-rail tickets and so very much more. All are about 100 pages and wil take you right back to the 1950’s. 

London Transport Staff Magazines  from the late 1960's to early 1970's. These heavily illustrated magazines clearly show the 'family feel' of how London Transport used to be all those years ago. My parents were Bus Conductors [during and after WW2 respectively] and they both used to recall those days with great warmth. L.T’s outside activities included a boating club, bowls, football and cricket clubs and even an aero club with it’s own trainer aircraft! These are full of  nostalgia being from an era when I was using Routemaster & RT buses to go to school in North London. It's also nice to see the 1970's London street scenes too showing vehicles then in daily use that now star at Classic Car shows!

These lovely old magazines give a great insight into the development and daily life of London Transport and London Underground. For example: Some show the Piccadilly Line extension being built out to Heathrow Airport, others feature what's happening regarding new buses, 'The 100th Routemaster' for example, [sorry that issue now sold], staff members histories and stories, more stories from  London Transport's own workshops, depots and garages, retirements, sports activities etc etc. Many many pictures in each of these extremely interesting and well presented magazines. £10 each inc P&P.

london transport magazines for sale


   Another tome which again will have the serious London Underground enthusiast enthralled.

Below, Central London Tube Map, laminated, 9 x 19. £12

london underground map for sale

London Transport Staff Magazines

If you’d like to learn more about the growth of London, it’s suburbs and it’s transport system then these books are a ‘must have’. Used but in excellent condition so do expect some marks. £23.50 each including UK delivery

Pretty much the ‘Full Monty’ of how it all came about. Nearly 400 pages. Printed 2001.

Another book from these authors that I never tire of. Full of wonderful photographs. 130 pages. Reprinted 1983.

Full of wonderful photographs and the story of Metroland nicely told. 130 pages. Printed 1988.

Show the evolution of design of  tube stations. Full of wonderful illustrations. 140 pages. Reprinted 1983.

Many thanks received the signs, we were amazed when we opened the packaging. For me the signs bring back memories. D


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district and piccadilly line archives
metropolitan line archives

Packed full of engineers drawings [many that fold out]] regarding signalling, depot layouts including Lillie Bridge Yard, LMS goods and coal depots and local buildings including the film studio. The western extension to the Piccadilly Line drawing dated 1935, the Central Overhaul Works at Acton 1948, Acton Works Track numbers, the odd Traffic Circular sheet attached here and there, a new crossover drawing at Kings Cross, 1955 and so much more. Cover size 9.5” x 13.5”. The contents date from the 1930s - 1950s. Please ask for more images / info.

This journal is battered here and there which only adds to it’s delight. Offers invited.


Below. Fancy being a train driver [sorry ‘operator’] ? This will help!

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london transport executive 1959 archives for sale
london transport exective 1958 archives for sale
london transport exective 1957 archives for sale
london transport exective 1958 archives for sale
london transport exective 1958 archives for sale
london transport exective 1958 archives for sale