I’m very grateful to customers that kindly took the time and trouble to send me images of their re-homed signs in situ at their homes or offices.

It’s all about travel and happy memories!

Station Hall Enamel line diagram, wonderful things in your home or office

Borough, 25” flat plate roundel in it’s original frame

Another Station Hall Enamel line diagram, what a centrepiece and conversation starter!

Like where you live? Tell the world! 60” roundel sections

A really lovely cloth coach blind now on show in America!

Bond Street bronzed brass framed 24” roundel proudly displayed

An A stock destination blind box in all it's glory!

Piccadilly Circus flat plate 24” roundel superbly sited in S. Africa

Illuminated roundel.... wow!

A mix of Temporary Station signs and bus blinds from favourite places

Enamel frieze panels and framed vintage bus blinds

Leaving London? Take a little bit of it with you for forever memories.

....just propped up against the wall they look fantastic!

And for men in or out of sheds, bronzed brass framed roundels, eye-catching, timeless, thought provoking, conversation-starting wonderful things!

Chalk Farm,  quite a walk from Spain where this sign now lives

Chalk Farm,  quite a walk from Spain where this sign now lives

Above left, That’s no ordinary bookshelf... It’s a 1960s Metropolitan Line carriage rack beautifully displayed with a framed short version Metropolitan Line car diagram. Above right, painstakingly restored by it’s new owner / collector a Victoria Line destination blind box.

Chalk Farm once more in what looks like a busy happy home! Upstairs for Lancaster Gate!

These were someone’s ‘work rest & play’ areas!

I will treat your goods as my own.   I pack very substantially and send fully insured and signed for to most parts of the world.

I am so pleased with the roundel, thank you so much for professionally crating it! After some handy work I am finally putting it on display. This is most definitely going to be a conversational piece for all my guests!


As nice as it was to work in Bond Street the owner now works from home and has this fantastic reminder of those days. [Another available]

And thanks to Mr J.P. for the image of his WAY OUT sign now luxuriating in Miami!

Good Morning to Both of You,....Haydn & Steve

I would just like to pass this comment to you both,...if I may?....

It's not often, (certainly in my game anyway!) that people these days receive praise or gratitude for the 'good' work that they do, it just becomes the 'norm' for what people do, so therefore it's an expectancy and if not, why not???........so ensues a complaint and criticism!

So I would like to say to Steve, the frames are perfect and look superb, also the timings for delivery were 'spot-on'....well packaged and in perfect condition, they look great and I'm grateful for them being 'dimensionally' the same....."Thank You" Steve!

And Haydn....thanks for arranging with Steve the alterations for the framing to suit my needs......they look fabulous and so right next to each other within my/our hall-way at home,....I / we are so pleased with how they've turned out and more to the point,....how they look against our décor,......brilliant!

I'm sure our friends/relatives/family etc will pass positive comment and should any of them have an avid interest for themselves to own/want one, then without doubt I can give you both the most superlative of a  recommendation!!!!!!

Thank you again from a Very Happy Customer!      Very Kind Regards   C.D.

Like where you live? Search www.londonbusblinds.com where you can order original bus blinds expertly framed by Steve Gregory, a conservation framer with some 40 years experience in the trade.

ABOVE, 1980s original Bus destination blind for Streatham Hill brings back fond memories.

RIGHT. 1960’s Metropolitan Line luggage rack serving it’s purpose in it’s second life.

LEFT, A pre-zoning Central Line car diagrm from the 1980s beautifully framed, only a few of these originals left now.

Below, a fitting addition to a garden shed known as the ‘Bus Stop’. Thank you for sending your images in!

ABOVE, Enjoying it’s new lease of life on the South coast is this superb enamel roundel. ‘UNDERGROUND’

LEFT. Piccadilly Circus 24” roundel travelled somewhat further south... to Melbourne Australia where quite rightly it has pride of place!

BELOW. A Sherlock Holmes fan perhaps, or the name of the head of this household.. In any case I for one can feel the presence of that roundel from hundreds of miles away!

LEFT, How very apt and beautifully fitted. ‘Nuff said’ really, top marks!

Right, hundreds of thousands of people have Pushed Once to stop the bus to get off over many decades in service. Still fully operational, now it can serves to announce a caller at your door. Well built British buses and their parts will go on and on serving us!

Above left.  If I had £1 for every time I’ve driven past Seven Sisters station...  Happy Days. This roundel now in  a much nicer quieter environment.

Right, no sign of Dr Who but a lovely setting for this 24" roundel, maybe the Doctor brought it back from the past?

BELOW. If you get fed up waiting for a bus to stop here at least you can nip back into the kitchen and get a cuppa!

No matter how far away you my have moved from London these fantastic signs will always evoke the best of memories in your home, office or  Man-Cave and will last for lifetimes gently increasing in value. Below left, a nice selection of London Underground signage in a ManCave.

Below, now in the USA in the care of a collector of London Underground items a Paddington roundel as seen on the Elizabeth Line

Hi Haydn, The sign arrived this morning and is perfect.

Thanks for your help and the excellent service. Regards Mrs S  

November 2020

Customers Images of their signs

BELOW.  This lovely 44" Leicester Square roundel delivers amazing WOW factor!

Dear Haydn,

What can I say?

The signs are fantastic thank you. They arrived very safely in what I can only describe as a the best packing case I have ever come across, a work of art in itself!

I’ve been busy polishing and will send some photos when I’ve finished. It certainly won’t be the last thing I buy off you.

Thanks for your help, so pleased I found your website.

Kind Regards S

PS The crate is that good I almost feel as if I should post it back to you!

BELOW, alight here for the O2!

Piccadilly Circus, the name always suggests a busy place at the centre of things and this customer placed his beautiful roundel in the nerve centre of his home.  It just sits so well in that setting don't you think?

... and here it is, beautifully polished!

Hello Haydn,

I'm delighted to report that the package arrived today.

I'm beyond thrilled with the 2 signs.

I really appreciate the care you took in packaging the signs in such heavy duty materials.

They arrived in perfect condition. They are going to be a present for my father's 70th birthday in late August.

I was really happy to have found your utterly unique and extensive website. This whole transaction has been wonderful and it was a pleasure to do business with you.

Many thanks + kind regards, K [USA, MA] 2021


Hi Haydn,  Have been meaning to get in touch to let you know that the sign arrived safely and is now occupying pride of place in our house (see attached photo).

It really is a beautiful thing and I want to thank you for your patience and kindness throughout the process of getting it here. Best. R USA