Below. Rare 1960s ARSENAL station frieze enamel panel.


Sporting events attract hoards of people and London Transport was happy to rise to the challenge getting them to their destination. Also, going back some 40 plus years ago when these signs were in use car ownership was far lower than it is now. Using public transport was the only option for many fans. In those days smoking was allowed upstairs on buses and on any tube carriage unless it had a No Smoking sign on the window. Unless you were clearly sozzled you could sip on a beer without worry of penalty as you travelled too!

Below you’ll find Special Bus Signs from London Transport and then various bus destination blind sections from other well known sporting destinations. I’ve already covered Special Bus signs in general on another page, on this page you’ll only find those used for sporting events. The yellow background ones are dated from the 1970’s, the black background ones are undated but are up to 20 years older.

I’ve also included a few destination blind sections from around the country, I have many many more. [Superb gifts for a sports fan].  These can be supplied framed to the UK.  N.B.The  ARSENAL signs below are now exhausted as are the WATFORD ones.

Wow! I can't believe what a fantastic service you offer.  As promised, my signs - all beautifully packaged were waiting for me in my office when I arrived back this afternoon.  They are absolutely perfect.  It has been a real joy doing business with you, thank you so much,  Kind regards    K

Above. Who remembers Harringay Stadium?  I remember happy nights banger racing there. Now the site is occupied by a Sainsburys Supermarket.

Left, larger Special London Transport Bus signs, many dated from the 1970s. 25 x 7” . Right, smaller,  25 x 3.75”.  I’m sorry but ARSENAL & WATFORD Special Bus signs are now sold out.

Left and right. World Cup 1966 London Transport ‘How to Get to Wembley’ guide. Unused. Both sides shown to the left. Right hand image is an enlarged version of the lower half left.  A5 size approximately.

Sorry, now sold but left on for your interest.

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