Printed PVC signs, most are self-adhesive, all are genuine unused London Transport or London Underground old stock dating back many decades.

Safety Notice, London Buses. 24" x 11" Self adhesive. £11

Below. Approx 21" x 4" Self Adhesive PVC. Genuine Ex L.U. 20 - 30 years old. Only a Few left of each £39 GBP. Beware of cheap copies!

Below Carriage window Roundel, 1960s. 8x10” £25

1991. Very large 25 x 40” approx. laminated sign announcing the Docklands Light Railway extension to Bank. A rare surviver in excellent condition.

Above. 35 x 190 mm stickers. £5

Below. Roundels. London Buses. Used from 1984-94. Larger ones [17"]  as fitted to Routemasters. Smallest to large: £5; £7; £9.99, £15. Self Adhesive.

No Smoking sticker. 4.5 x 4.5. £3

Another interesting sign from the 1990's 6" x 7" Self adhesive, unused. £9

Underground' S/Adhesive PVC 12 x 2.5". £4

Stickers. Left 7x8”. Right 4.5” x 7.5”. £5


W Kensington Stn

52 X 13”

Right. Self Adhesive P.V.C. Only one or 2 of each left. £8 each. Approx 3.5” dia.

Below 10" x 6" Self-

Adhesive Roundel £10

Self-adhesive, approx 10" diameter. £19

Below. 12 x 16” Routemaster poster. £12

Right. Red Fire Drill sign, 14 x 12”. £10. Below  Mansion House sign 6 x 12”. £12

Below. Fares from this Station. Large 25 x 9" approx. Laminated £12

Below. 2 x 3.5” £3

Below, it’s long! 39 x 4” approx. S / Adhesive. £15 inc P&P

‘Dolly stop’ stickers. £19 ea


BELOW. Lovely 1930s illuminated sign. A rare survivor. 23 x 13 x 7” deep, All original and shown working. Sorry NOW SOLD.

Right, original enamel Bus Stop flag. Different types are available, click on the image to see them

ABOVE. Bonnet plate from a 1950 RT bus, first allocated to Croydon garage, withdrawn and scrapped in 1971. Lovely condition.

Printed paper signs.

Right. 1960‘s Framed printed paper  temporary UNDERGROUND. 20 x 20” approx. A lovely thing! 

Below, these were placed either side of line car diagrams on 1938 stock [the old red tube trains]

Below printed paper version, same size. Down or down right arrow. £5.95 each.

Below Way Out. 14 x 3.5” Up or Down arrow PVC stickers £7.95 each.

Left. WINDOW CLOSED. Lovely original sign, about A4 size in excellent condition. Has it’s own pull out support stand on the back. £15

Framed 1960‘s temporary bus stops.

Below. Used on 'Rail Replacement' buses  8 x 18", printed card, many are double sided with another route on the back. Idea for hanging from the ceiling!

London Transport Maps

Left,  from 2009 Underground Map,  25” x 35” £15

Below, LARGE 1984 original station Underground Map,  40” x 50” in it’s frame

Right, 1930 General Omnibus routes map.

Above & below. Various London Transport & Country Bus Route Maps. One or two pre-date London Transport which was formed in 1933, others through the decades. These show ‘London General’ [example shown to the right]. From £10 inc worldwide P&P. Absolutely delightful pieces of London’s Transport History. Some show fares.

Below. Central London journey planner.  As fitted to 1972 stock London Underground carriages. 17 x 11".  Laminated or gloss paper, portrait or landscape. £12

1979 & 1982 Central Line Timetables. When Epping -Ongar was fully open with 26 trains daily! £12 each.

World Cup 1966 London Transport ‘How to Get to Wembley’ guide. Unused. Both sides shown below. Sorry, now sold

“Just a short note to let you know that the parcel arrived yesterday. The books are magnificent and will be very useful. Thank you so much for all your help and promptness. With very best wishes”. SL Australia

Below. Another classic example of how my poor photography does something absolutely delightful no favours at all. These lovely linen-backed maps from would have been shown inside Green Park Station, Southgate, Arnos Grove, Bounds Green, Wood Green, Turnpike Lane & Manor House stations. Not shown are Kings Cross St Pancras, Holborn,  Uxbridge, Earls Court, Brompton Road Station closure, These are dated from the 1930s.  25” x 39” approx.

London Underground Book Promotion Poster. Linen. Dated 1939. £45

Arnos Grove. Dated 1932.

Green Park. Dated 1934

Cockfosters. Dated 1933

Manor House. Dated 1934

Bounds. Green Dated 1932

Wood Green. Dated 1932

Turnpike Lane. Dated 1932

Bus Interior Posters 1960’s - 1970’s

The above sign is the ONLY reproduction I have but I’ve included it  as I feel it gives some idea of what ordinary people had to go through just to get to work 70 years ago.

Bus Interior Posters. Most are 24 x 11” although there is some variation. Many are dated and are from the 1970‘s. None have been used but will show signs of storage.

Above. RED ROVER tickets from the 1960’s & 1970’s. I also have some from the  1960’s that are unused and undated so you could fill in your ‘special date’. £3 each.

The term ‘Genuine Copy’ I’m going to use for the drawings below might sound a bit odd but that’s what they really are, genuine copies made by London Transport of design drawings of the Front Entrance Routemaster [front engined], the Routemaster Coach [RMC used by Green Line Country Buses] and the Front Entrance rear engined Routemaster of which only one was made. [FRM1]. Hindsight has shown what a disastrous decision it was to not put FRM’s into production. These diagrams are 23” x 16” and as said, originate from London Transport, not a copy shop! My photos don’t show them at their best, no change there I’m afraid but it’s fair to say they are a little faded but perfectly readable. Wonderful and fascinating pieces of London Transport Buses history. A unique gift for a Routemaster enthusiast. £25 each.

I just wanted to say a further thanks for the prompt delivery and to say that my fiance absolutely loves the drawings. S.

“I received the sign yesterday afternoon thank you. It is perfect”! G. UK

“The signs arrived this morning. Really pleased with them and great to do business with you”. Kind Regards, GM.

“I just wanted to confirm that I received the Bayswater sign. It is just as fabulous as the others, and I can't wait to get it framed and give it to my mother for her birthday. She will be thrilled”. Thank you again! E.



UNDERGROUND train indicator set in a new LED backlit frame. Stunning in the right setting and provides a gentle nightlight too.


Delivered ready to hang and plug in from £275

A fantastic piece of nostalgia and a first class service. The whole process has been a pleasure made even better by buying from a collector with genuine enthusiasm. JS

Above left and right. 24 x 24” formica signs £98 each + P&P Below right 24 x 16 inch GNER Mail Line carriage formica routes board, £80 + P&P £80

Above. An enamel sign, 12 x 24” from memory £215 + P&P


London Transport & London Underground Notices, Direction Signs, Bus & 1930s Station Maps, Bus Interior Posters, 1920’s on.

ABOVE & BELOW, From Gravesend station, approx 9 x 16 inches, of Corex or similar. The pair £59 inc P&P