Enamel Platform Frieze Panels. 9” tall, widths 18 - 72”

Below. 6 x 10” approx, enamel. I’d better keep one back for myself...  £35

Below 20 x 8” approx  £198

Above1950’s RT Bus radiator badge. 7 x 2”

Front of 1938 stock train destination signs. 24 x 4”

Except Northern Line these are double-sided. Reverse shown opposite. Many more available

Below. 3 x 8” approx, enamel notice board header, LONDON TRANSPORT lovely condition.

Below, framed 1960s enamel signs


Genuine Routemaster bus perspex radiator badge.


Click the image for London Underground roundels

Lipped. enamel. No Entry 14 x 14” £40

Above 30 x 10” £198

10 x 8” NO SMOKING enamel £29

BELOW. London Transport INSTRUCTOR cap badge, mint condition. £79 inc P&P

Below.  LARGE station hall line enamel signs, around 70 x 40”. The Overground one under them are smaller.  Stunning in a large room or set nicely in your garden. Note images are not so scale with each other.

Below. Enamel Bus Stop, 'Boat Style' By Burnham of London approx 16 X 18, in good sound condition £198 + P&P Could be supplied with a wall bracket at cost for easy 'both sides' display.


BELOW. London Underground enamel station name plates. 1940s - 50s. Varying sizes 43” down to 17”

Below  27 X 9” enamel with 1” lip for easy mounting £345 Iinc UK P&P

BELOW, lipped enamel sign, GAMBLING 27 x 13” a fantastic sign that's very rare.

Below, 12 x 40”, not enamel £79 inc UK delivery

Above, 29 x 8" approx, probably part of a larger sign, £285 inc UK P&P

Below, 12 x 40”, not enamel £159 inc UK delivery

BELOW. 30 x 10” delightful vintage enamel sign from a London Transport garage.

BELOW. 9 x 5”  £49 inc UK delivery

BELOW. 10 x 40”  £235  inc UK delivery, excellent condition

Below. Enamel 12 x 12”

Below. Baker Street 13 X 21” with frame, of enamel . Very rare sign

LEFT. 47 x 14” enamel signs with reflective lettering.

RIGHT, various enamel WAY OUT signs

MOLSEY an old enamel sign  approx 3" X 14". £49  inc UK P&P

ABOVE. Switchroom enamel, 2.5” x 9”  £35   BELOW. Caution enamel, 3.5” x 9”  £35

Above enamel sign, 48 x 4” approx

The signs arrived today, they really are brilliant.      Thanks again. S.

“The signs look really fab I can't wait to get them framed and up on the wall and thank you for taking such care and interest in my order! LM. London”.

Just to let you know that I received the Lords sign today and its fabulous! .. Thankyou so much it is just perfect. 

Great customer service and great sign - Thanks once again .. 

Hi Haydn,

       Just a note to let you know the signs arrived today!   I'm so pleased at how quickly they arrived and they're in the exact condition as they are in the pictures. Packaging was fantastic.. You're the greatest with your kindness and help.  Looking forward to another transaction!

                                                                                                           Happy in Florida!   R.H

Hi Haydn, the signs arrived this morning without any mishap, they are magnificent, thanks for your kindness and efficiency !Have a nice day, F.G.     France

Hi. I received the items yesterday - absolutely fantastic thank you!  Regards    H

Hi Haydn, Sorry for the late reply, but the sign has arrived safe and sound and my husband and son love it!

Thanks for all you help and I wish you well with your business.  Kindest Regards. L.   UK

. “Just wanted you to know that the two signs arrived today --they're perfect! Love the packaging -- great idea! Thanks so much for the quick delivery. I'll be sure to share your website with friends. Sincerely, S.M. U.S.A”.

Absolutely pleased as punch; they look better than I had hoped, super fast delivery and very clever packaging! I tip my cap to you! Thanks again. GM.UK

Something to sell?

I’m always interested in similar signs to feed my passion 

and generally pay more than you can expect from Ebay or other auction sites without the hassle or fees! Please pop your contact details onto this form by clicking on these words.

Good Morning to Both of You,....Haydn & Steve

I would just like to pass this comment to you both,...if I may?....

It's not often, (certainly in my game anyway!) that people these days receive praise or gratitude for the 'good' work that they do, it just becomes the 'norm' for what people do, so therefore it's an expectancy and if not, why not???........so ensues a complaint and criticism!

So I would like to say to Steve, the frames are perfect and look superb, also the timings for delivery were 'spot-on'....well packaged and in perfect condition, they look great and I'm grateful for them being 'dimensionally' the same....."Thank You" Steve!

And Haydn....thanks for arranging with Steve the alterations for the framing to suit my needs......they look fabulous and so right next to each other within my/our hall-way at home,....I / we are so pleased with how they've turned out and more to the point,....how they look against our décor,......brilliant!

I'm sure our friends/relatives/family etc will pass positive comment and should any of them have an avid interest for themselves to own/want one, then without doubt I can give you both the most superlative of a  recommendation!!!!!!

Thank you again from a Very Happy Customer!   Very Kind Regards CD  UK

Hello Haydn,  I received the sign yesterday and just wanted to say a big thankyou for such an excellent service and packing job. The sign is every bit as good as you said and it is perfect for my needs! Kind Regards, P Corrnwall

Just to let you know that the sign arrived today. Very happy with it and most impressed with the packing.  Thanks  B Kent. April 2021

Below. in excellent condition from the D&C lines. £495

Below. SOLD, left on here as it's such a beauty


Oval and Arsenal enamels sorry, now sold

Hythe Road, approx 26 x 8" some surface marks £225 inc P&P

Hi Haydn, The sign arrived this morning and is perfect.

Thanks for your help and the excellent service. Regards Mrs S  

November 2020

London Underground & London Transport Enamel Signs

BELOW. 1930s Schleger enamel bus stop in a correct heavy bronze frame which would polish up well, ready to display. £375

BELOW, St Paul's platform frieze panel,  RIGHT, Platform End notice 35 x 23" approx bearing very feint evidence of being previously overlaid with a temporary adhesive sign of a more modern 'Elf N Safety' style. £215 + P&P

43 X 9" APPROX

55 X 9" APPROX

55 X 9" APPROX

22 X 9" APPROX

41 X 9" APPROX

63 X 9" APPROX

38 X 9" APPROX

Platform End notice 35 x 23" approx bearing very feint evidence of being previously overlaid with a temporary adhesive sign of a more modern 'Elf N Safety' style. £215 + P&P

Approximate sizes shown are in good old-fashioned  inches!

47 x 9" APPROX

75 x 9" APPROX

60 x 9" APPROX

39 x 9"

50 x 9"

67 x 9"

51 x 9"

72 x 9"

58 x 10"

40 x 20"

42 x 9"

47 x 12"

50 x 9.5"

58 x 8"

72 x 9"