These original vintage roundels are a delight in your home or office. They have a real presence. Their iconic design is known throughout the world.

Hi Haydn, Just wanted to let you know that I received the roundel yesterday. Now that is what I call service. 4 days from the time I placed the order to it arriving in It is amazing, now I know where to go in the future for all my LU goods. Even better than pictures. Please feel free to use me as a testimonial anytime. Thanks, PB

Below, circa 24” x 24” genuine London Underground enamel plate roundels.

Heathrow and Hounslow above are of a formica material, all others are of enameled steel.


BELOW. Gorgeous! Genuine  24” bronze framed roundels. £ frightening but worth every penny!

These bronzed brass frames can easily be polished  to a bright finish. Below you’ll see frames at either end of the polished or ‘left as was’ scale.

BANK. 24” Aluminium frame.




Below,  44” bronzed brass framed roundels. For the ultimate ‘WOW’ Factor, a bronze framed roundel....nothing gives a room, reception area, bar or workplace more of a London feel than one of these...


Above far right. 50” Illuminated roundel in working order, LAST ONE of this early style. Right, Metro Cammell railway carriage manufacturers nameplate dated 1967, cast aluminium. Left, 14” illuminated roundel battery or USB powered with various different station names £59 inc P&P

Customer photo of a recently supplied illuminated roundel

Below 39” Illuminated roundel.

Original London Underground illuminated roundels in working order. Perfect for the ex pat abroad and or to give the most impressive ‘London Look’ to a bar, garden, Man-Cave etc.

Below, magnificent 60” wide brass framed roundels.



60” wide AMERSHAM roundel on it’s platform stand, delightfully weathered.

Hi Haydn   End result as attached photos which I thought you may be interested in seeing. We love it.

Many thanks again…for all the input and information, for excellent packing and service, and finally for the opportunity to own such an icon that will give pleasure for years to come.  Great dealing with you.   Best regards, JC

LEFT, 50” wide roundel enamel sections.

Enamel signs can be displayed outside to great effect!

Below, 12” passimeter roundel, brass framed but interestingly with an apostrophe. Nice deep enamel and a good age to it with evidence of use. Offers and comments invited!

Very rare from a 1962 Green Line Routemaster Coach. An original cast roundel, these were fitted outside of the upper deck on either side. 15” wide. Oh to see these handsome world-beating vehicles back in service again. SORRY now SOLD and starting it's new life in the United States but left on for your interest. Another sought if you have one for sale.

BELOW. 33” Bayswater roundel enamel sections mounted on a board ready to display.  Below right 10 x 13” 1930s WATERLOO passimeter roundel, one of two known.

BELOW. London Country 'Garden Shed' timber bus shelters were fitted with these enamel roundels, approx  11 x 8" extremely rare, in excellent condition, realistic offers invited.

London Underground Roundels 1930s Onwards

The flat plate roundels below are circa 22 x 28 inches


50" wide bronzed brass framed roundel King's Cross St Pancras

30” wide