The ‘1938 stock’ underground trains shown below were equipped with brass-ended, double-sided enameled steel destination signs which fitted in slots behind the lower front window. The numbers 1-0 came on three sets of rings and any one number could be shown per slot. The original signs, pictured with the arrow  [of which I have a few available as shown, and some of the numbers] were expensive to replace and self-adhesive overlays came about. I have those shown in the images below to the left of the page. These unused self-adhesive overlays are approx 21 x 4”.. £39 each. Far more versatile modern dot-matrix signs have made these lovely old signs obsolete. These frame very well.

The Enamel signs shown below on the right were are very expensive to make. The PVC self adhesive overlay signs shown below and left were produced to repair or alter destinations on them by fixing them to update or cover damaged enamel. Below. 22 x 4” Self-adhesive genuine ex London Underground printed PVC destination overlays. £39 each inc worldwide delivery. + insurance]. Original enamel 1938 stock train destination signs are shown to the right.

Need one framed? Just ask!

Original Enamels below.


The above signs are beautifully made of thick enamelled steel plate with brass end caps and are up to 75 years old, Those below could be nearly one hundred years old.

Above, probably from the 1920s, slightly larger too at 28 x 4”. It’s interesting to note the damage to the ends of this enamel plate and that brass ends were fitted to alleviate such damage to later examples.

Hi Hadyn.    Wow!  Received the sign safe and sound first thing this morning, it looks more amazing than I'd imagined.  Thank you so much for all of your help and your excellent service.  The sign has already become one of my favourite things in my home.     Thanks again,   K

Haydn,    Signs arrived.  They look great.  Packed very well. Thank you! B

Hi Haydn   End result as attached photos which I thought you may be interested in seeing. We love it.

Many thanks again…for all the input and information, for excellent packing and service, and finally for the opportunity to own such an icon that will give pleasure for years to come.

Great dealing with you.   Best regards, JC


LEFT:  District line destination blind, it’s a composite image, it's not torn!

London Underground Front of Train Destination Signs