London Transport Bus Blinds


These lovely original blinds originated from Edwardian buses which carried sign-written wooden destination boards, a leftover from stagecoaches. There’s an example bottom right of this text box. Routes lengthened when petrol-engines replaced horses, then more versatile roll-blinds appeared.  From the 1930‘s London Transport made their own by hand, - screen printed paper on dutch linen.

By the late 1980’s. stronger,  modern materials arrived and blinds were outsourced and machine made blinds came about. Now computerised electronic destination displays are confining bus blinds to history.  These blinds are utterly delightful once framed and make a superb gift or momento of your time spent in London and will last a lifetime and more. Below is a fraction of what I have available as I couldn’t hope to show all that I have. Do please ask me for your favourite destination.   Widths vary from around 33 - 42”. Depths from 6” [one-liner] to 19” [multi-liner].

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Hi. Just to let you know I have received my beautifully framed routemaster bus blind it's truly awesome!  Thanks for a great service!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Edgware sign.   It's fantastic.   I gave it to my husband this morning - who was absolutely delighted.   He was born in Edgware so it brought back many memories, especially since a lot of his time was spent travelling on the Northern Line!  It will look fantastic on our wall.


Below, each one 42 x 72” approx. These would make lovely murals.

Below 42 x 66” approx

Below 42 x 60” approx.

Night Buses.

A trip on a packed weekend London Night Bus is rarely forgotten! Few places are better to ‘People Watch’ than on public transport. Nighttime travellers make the experience even more enlightening. There’s always a mix of shift workers and revellers, typically made up of people of all nationalities, both tourists and residents of London.

You can often tell the newly-arrived traveling tourists from the more accustomed and the resident. They’ll be the ones with that ‘rabbit caught in the headlights’ look at the general goings-on brought about by a good night out and sometimes more than a few drinks.  For me these blinds remind me of a notable journey on a late Saturday night / Sunday morning that I’ll never forget...

I was returning from a rare trip to a night club in Oxford Street with my giggly Italian girlfriend. It was a nice night. We walked along Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus Haymarket and Pall Mall to Trafalgar Square to catch our bus back to her flat in Wandsworth. Although it was I very late there were still many people making around. The bus was packed full and we squeezed on board. I clearly recall: Two girls entwined in each others arms kissing passionately by the stairs, in true 'anything goes London style', no-one batted an eyelid. An unwittingly very funny young irish drunk softly sang as he desperately tried to remain upright. A group of lads began cracking some really blue jokes which added to the fun as a very smart middle-aged couple looked on aghast at the entire scene.

All this as the driver was hurtling through lightly trafficked West End streets including a couple of red traffic lights at breakneck speeds! It was pure luck that this bus didn’t hit anything. That's London for you,  - unforgettable, for so many reasons. If you've not experienced a London Night Bus ride you've really missed something!  Possibly these will evoke memories of your own experiences.

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Many more Night Bus blinds, please ask.

Below. Before bus blinds came about buses carried these wooden boards. These are from a pre-war ST model.

Extremely rare! Now sold but left on the site for your interest.

Below Routemaster Heaven viaYouTube!

Day Trips & Holidays

Being London born of parents that also grew up in London, and without a family car, ‘days out’  destinations were usually somewhere easily reached by London Transport. The Festival Gardens in Battersea was our firm favourite [click here to take you to London Special Bus signs

including Battersea Gardens]. Do you remember The Guinness Clock? I was fascinated by it. Money was always short but sometimes there was enough to venture further afield. A short tube ride to Wood Green to meet the 152 bus to Southend was a rare treat. After my Dad died when I was eleven Mum rekindled her love for Kent where she was taken as a child and these rare long-distance treats found us in Margate, Ramsgate & Broadstairs. If you are also ‘of a certain age’ getting on a plane was unthinkable you too probably made your holiday trips to  places that were convenient from your part of London via bus, coach train or a combination of all three! Below I’ve listed a few of the great many popular destinations available. Just ask me for your favourite. Expect some wear marks [but no splits or tears] as they’ve all been used and are at the very least

20 years old, some are over 40 years old.

Hundreds more available, please ask!